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Protect Your Idea By Getting A Patent Lawyer Today

If you are looking for a way to protect your invention, the first thing you should consider is obtaining a patent. A patent helps inventors:

  • Exclude others from making your same item.
  • Prohibits someone from selling the same exact product you created.
  • Prohibits a person from offering your invention for sale.
  • Excludes anyone from importing your invention.

Obtaining a patent is a long process and it generally takes a significant amount of time before one can be issued, however, the pros to receiving a patent outweigh the overall process you must go through.

If you are seeking information regarding how you can apply for a patent and what the qualifications are, consider contacting now. We work hand in hand with the best patent and trademark lawyers in Virginia who can assist you. Now only do they fully understand the entire process but can assist you with each step of it and ensure your application is successfully submitted.


Five Steps to Get You Started on Protecting Your Idea

It isn’t easy coming up with a new product or invention and you don’t want to risk losing your ideas to someone else. Therefore, below are five tips for you provided by the United States Department of Commerce that can help you get started with protecting your ideas and prohibiting others from taking them.

  1. Pre-Filing– Before you submit a patent application, you need to be certain that your idea doesn’t exist. You can conduct a patent search prior to filing or have one of our dedicated Virginia patent lawyers help you get this done. This way there are no surprises when it comes time for your application to be reviewed by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).
  2. File Your Provisional Application– This will guarantee you a filing date with the USPTO, however, that is all it can do. It is not a form of legal protection nor is it a patent. What you can do with a provisional application is test out the market and use it as a warning to those who may try and infringe on your idea. With a provisional application, your status is considered “patent pending” until you file the actual application necessary for the USPTO to review before they actually issue you a patent.
  3. Look into Micro Entity Status– This “special filing status is for inventors who qualify as a micro entity.” That means you could see a 75 percent reduction in your patent-filing fees.
  4. Take advantage of Pro Bono and Pro Se Programs– These programs provide free assistance from professionals who can help you with the patent process. While you can gain some useful information from these professionals, you do want to consider speaking with one of our Virginia patent and trademark lawyers as well as they are going to provide you with the attention and dedication necessary to ensure your idea is patentable.
  5. Be aware of patent fees– Not only will you be required to pay for your application fees but you will also have to pay to maintain your patent. If you have questions regarding how much these fees might be, consult with a patent attorney featured on our site now. is ready to assist you and will gladly find you a VA patent attorney in your city who is available to provide services to you.