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There is a lot of information that comes along with filing for a patent and/or trademark and you should know exactly where to find some of it. Below are some links to the types of information that is available and why it might be useful to you if you are thinking about patenting an idea or invention in the state of Texas. The information comes from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and could help you become more familiar with things that might help you along in the patent process.



  1. Types of Patents– This link can help you understand what the different types of patents are so you know which one is best for you to apply for. The process for applying costs time and money, both of which nobody has any extra to waste. So, go ahead and read up on the various types of patents and consider which one you are going to need to apply for. A patent and trademark lawyer in Texas can also help you with this. The professionals featured on can sit down with you and listen to your ideas, discuss what you have come up with, and put you on the right track as to which kind of patent you are going to want to file for.


  1. Access to Published Patent Applications– One issue many run into when patenting an idea or invention is that they may have created something that is too similar to something that has already been patented prior. Therefore, it is best to conduct a search to see if your idea has already been created or if there is a way you can tweak your design so that it differs. You should probably access this resource or speak with a knowledgeable patent lawyer soon to see if there is a patented idea or invention that is just like yours already.


  1. If you are filing for a design patent, which is a common patent many individuals apply for, then you might want to know everything there is to know about it. Again, it can be rather beneficial for you to consult with a Texas patent lawyer but if you want to read up on this particular type of patent on your own, you can visit A Guide To Filing A Design Patent Application.


  1. While some individuals are looking for patent resources, others may have questions about getting a trademark protection put into place. If you own a business and have a slogan, logo, or brand name you want to protect, a trademark might be right for you. If you wish to learn about the basics surrounding a trademark, you can click here

A Texas patent attorney can assist you with various tasks that come up when considering filing for a patent or during the process. If you feel you need some legal advice or someone to talk to about your business or invention, give us a call and we will gladly get you connected to a local Texas patent and trademark lawyer. Patents are a crucial component to having a successful product as it helps protect your ideas from being stolen and allows you to take legal action in the event someone does.