Sony Earns Patent for its Elderly Support Apparatus

Assisted therapy for elderly and senior citizens is the new market that technology giants all over the world are ready to explore. According to the patent lawyers working for Sony Corporation, the Tokyo based tech company has just won the patent for an exercise support apparatus that consists of a leg rod connected to the waist and feet that can be used as a linear motion actuator.

Sony Corporation is trying to get its mojo back from Apple and even Samsung.

Sony Corporation is trying to get its mojo back from Apple and even Samsung.

Exercise Device to Reduce Drawbacks in Current Technology

Though assisted motion and exercise technology has been around for some years now and many researchers have worked in this field, the area still has a nascent feel to it. The products in the market or in the design stage that can be used for assisted exercise therapy have one major drawback – they have a bad impact on the patient’s external appearance and they also cause some discomfort to the wearer.

The high price of the equipment is another major factor due to which many of these devices do not have takers. According to the statement made by patent lawyers who filed Sony’s US patent for their exercise device, the company’s product has a unique design that will overcome the flaws of current technology. The patent was in fact filed to support these particular improvements to existing exercise apparatus and machines, and was presented in September 2013.

This is outstanding and could lead to an external suit worn by a human being for combat. This type of suit was seen in the movie Edge of Tomorrow with Tom Cruise. That type of exo skeleton suit could augment human strength and speed and even make for a fighting force that is just exceptional. This means less soldiers on the ground, less troop numbers over all, and better results! Just a handful of soldiers with that type of capability could wipe out all those ISIS members in Syria and Iraq and the Taliban in Afghanistan. And actually eliminate them so we do not have to fight them for years on end.

Sony is preparing to be the top dog in exercise and body support devices and equipment. Big money!

Sony is preparing to be the top dog in exercise and body support devices and equipment. Big money!

Moreover, assisted exercise therapy is a big market in the developed world. As the life expectancy of the elderly increase, the increasingly aging population across the world needs equipment for assisted motion. In Japan for example, where Sony’s headquarters are based, the number of aged people above 65 years of age is expected to rise up to 30% percent of the population by the year 2025. In 2010, this percentage was around 23.5%. The burgeoning elderly population has put much burden on health practitioners and the healthcare industry and the array of products now out in the market is in direct response to this crisis.

Other US Patents Filed by Sony

Sony is also as innovative in the field of medical biotechnology with a US patent application to protect a method of measuring blood pressure through a pulse wave detection system and another apparatus to measure blood pressure at nighttime.

The patent for the linear motion actuator is the latest in a series of patents filed by the company and its team of expert patent attorneys in the United States. Sony Corporation is undoubtedly a technology giant and many of its patents revolve around its developments in electronics; especially video games. The company’s series of Play station console games have been well received by the masses and to keep up with the completion the company comes up with various new improvements in these devices and trying to patent all their technology.

Sony needs a Breakthrough (Apple has taken its mojo)

One of the recent video game patents filed by the company is for a system of multi-player gaming wherein the players can join the game or project as builders and then receive a request for various works for the game via social media networks. Sony’s talented patent attorneys strive very hard to make the best of US patent laws and protect the company’s secrets from its competitors.