Find a Patent Lawyer in Ohio

A patent grants a person with protection over their ideas and inventions. While some are granted with the power to actually own their ideas, others struggle and aren’t granted this sort of permission. Only certain individuals are able to apply for a patent in the state of Ohio and those include:

  • The inventor
  • A person who has been assigned by the inventor.
  • If the inventor is deceased, the application may be submitted by a legal representative. That would be the executor of the estate or administrator.
  • In the event the inventor is legally incapacitated, a guardian or legal representative may apply for the patent.
  • If an inventor is refusing to apply for a patent or is unable to be found, a joint inventor may come forward and apply on behalf of the noncompliant inventor.

Are you an inventor looking to follow the legal process that will allow you to own your ideas? Have you already experienced copyright, trademark or patent infringement? Did someone steal your invention and claim it as their own invention? If so, you are going to need a reputable patent and trademark lawyer in Ohio who can build a solid case and help you exercise your rights. is the best place to get this accomplished.


Can two individuals apply for one patent?

While some patents are only provided to one inventor as they are the sole creator of the article, other inventions are often created with two or more individuals who contributed to making their ideas come to life. When two or more people wish to apply for a patent, they must go in as joint inventors.

Now, if someone makes a financial contribution to the invention, perhaps they provided you with some funds to help get you the materials you needed for your creation, they aren’t going to be considered as a joint inventor according to the USPTO.  And if you applied for a patent and failed to include an inventor who did in fact play a role in the developing of the product, idea, or article, you can correct this mistake with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, USPTO.


Ready to file your patent application?

If you have yet to consult with a patent attorney in Ohio regarding what your rights are and the requirements you must follow, you are going to want to do this to ensure you aren’t missing any pertinent information.

There are many requirements the USPTO is going to demand of you including paperwork and of course, fees. Some of these fees can be reduced based on the type of patent you are applying for and the method in which you elect to file with. The USPTO does allow certain individuals the option of filing their application electronically using the EFS-Web.


You can use the EFS-Web if you are submitting:

  • A new utility patent application along with the corresponding fees.
  • A new design patent application and fees.
  • A provisional patent application with appropriate fees.
  • A request to enter the national stage under 35 U.S.C 371 and fees.
  • Many “follow- on documents” and fees for a patent application that was previously filed.


While our trademark and patent attorneys in Ohio are capable of filing the necessary paperwork to get your patent application submitted for review, they can also assist with anyone looking to obtain copyright or trademark rights. Whether you have questions that need answering or have a concern regarding your patent or trademark, give us a call today and we will find you the perfect Ohio patent lawyer who is located in your area. Best of all, we will provide you with this assistance FREE of charge.