Nikon and Canon Forge Ahead with More Patents

Nikon Corporation (TYO: 7731) of Tokyo, Japan recently announced a new flagship digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) camera. The D810 includes an image processor and various other features that include videography capabilities. The camera is designed to reduce color artifacts and other image issues. The company is also likely to roll out a compact camera for hobbyists, the Nikon 1 J4 that uses interchangeable lenses to capture images in different styles. The company also released Capture NX-D, a software for editing RAW-format images that owners of Nikon’s digital cameras can take advantage of.  Nikon also announced plans to increase its investments in the medical business by $2 billion mainly through acquisitions.

Applications by Nikon’s patent legal professionals include some pertaining to camera accessories. Some of these accessories are designed to provide continuous light for better light exposure detection while others are related to improved configurations for interchangeable camera lenses. They also have a patent application that discusses a method of displaying 2D and 3D images on the same screen.

All About Pictures

Nikon has had a number of patents issued in recent weeks by the USPTO. This includes improvements to digital image capture and camera devices. The company’s patent lawyers filed U.S. Patent Application No. 20140184893 under the title Interchangeable Lenses, which protects a technology developed to allow digital camera users to switch lenses so that older generations of lenses are compatible with the company’s newly designed lens mounts. Nikon also filed US Patent Application No. 20140198234 entitled Image Processing Apparatus to protect a technology for superimposing text on digital images in a manner that makes text readable when rendered against the background color.

Nikon’s patent portfolio also includes a detachable accessory that provides a side mount for digital cameras. The mount is designed to be more durable and shock resistant when compared with previous models. Another patent application protects a technology for a light emitting section capable of shining light continuously so that users can conveniently capture an image under the appropriate exposure conditions. The company was not among the top list of U.S. patent grants in 2013. However, their patent lawyers have been active in filing regular applications at the USPTO with several patents being granted in the recent weeks.

Canon Files Patents for Video Editing and Medical Imaging

Canon Inc., also a leader in imaging and printing devices has also been an active developer of new intellectual properties. The company’s patent lawyers recently filed a patent application for camera imaging technologies it has developed to recreate human skin tones more effectively in captured images. Canon also recently teamed up with Google in an alliance called the License on Transfer Network. This objective of the alliance is to protect members against what they deem as baseless patent lawsuits.

Combating Dust

The company also successfully completed a patent infringement suit which prevents Nectron International from manufacturing, importing, and selling specific toner cartridges and other components of Canon and HP laser beam printers. Canon recently filed a number of patent applications with the USPTO. One of these is for protecting a printing apparatus the company has developed. The apparatus contains a colorimetric unit to measure colors printed by the apparatus so that less contamination from paper dust and other pollutants are able to affect the operation of the colorimetric sensor.

Canon spends a lot of money on energy pursuing these new technologies. It is too bad the EPA is killing coal mining jobs in Appalachia which just make energy absorption more costly in America.

Nikon and Canon, unlike Barbara Boxer, are creating jobs and impressing many people.

Nikon and Canon, unlike Barbara Boxer, are creating jobs and impressing many people.

Elon Musk does not believe in Patents. Well, Canon and Nikon does.

Tumor Detection

Canon is also involved in medical technologies and has filed a number of patent applications for its inventions involving technologies that can measure electromagnetic energy through acoustic detection, for use in healthcare applications. The patent is to protect improvements in medical devices used for photo-imaging cancerous tumors through photo-acoustic techniques. The device under patent will provide accurate feedback on oxygen saturation levels, which differentiates between malignant and benign tumors. Canon’s patent attorneys have also filed a patent application to protect its technology for a tunable laser-emitting device that provides photo-acoustic analysis.