Need a Patent Attorney in New Hampshire?

Do you have an invention you want to develop and market? Do you have an innovative business idea? Your invention, idea or trademark may have value, and you should take steps keep your work from falling into the wrong hands. You need to take steps and keep other from profiting off your labor by applying for a patent or trademark.

How Do I Get a Patent?

Applying for a patent is not a simple endeavor by any means. The process starts with a patent search, a task that could take many months to complete even for the most experienced researcher. Next, you must submit documentation including data and economic analysis to show that your idea or invention is unique, is useful and has a value to society or consumers.

There are four types of patents for you to choose from including design, provisional, plant, and utility. Choosing the right patent is just the first in a number crucial decisions you will need to make to get a patent.

There are multiple steps to the patent application process, so you need to speak with someone who can explain the steps. Call one of our patent lawyers in New Hampshire today and set up a time to discuss what applying for a patent entails.

If you would like to do a patent search, you can visit one of theĀ USPTO library locations below:

University of New Hampshire School of Law

2 White St.,

Concord, NH 03301

The patent and trademark laws in the U.S. are tremendously complex and difficult to understand for the layperson. Patent agents closely scrutinize each patent application and approve only a fraction of the applications they receive.

When you retain a patent and trademark lawyer in New Hampshire, they will do the following for your case:

Conduct a comprehensive pattern search including international patents

Catch any application or document errors that could jeopardize your chances of being granted a patent

Complete your application and make sure you have all your documents together

Choose the correct patent application for your invention

Help with a patent renewal

Issue cease orders for copyright or trademark infringement.

When you set up a consultation with a lawyer who specializes in patent law, trademarks and copyright infringement. The patent attorneys at can help you with the issues listed here and more. You can take some of the guesswork and strife out of the patent process by enlisting a patent specialist.

At you can find the names, contact info of patent lawyers near your New Hampshire location. You can learn about their education and details about their practice to see if who is the right fit for you. Our legal team will work tirelessly to make certain your patent is granted, and you can begin profiting off the fruits of your labor. The attorneys represented on our site are experienced professionals who understand the complexities of applying for a patent. Call and set up a consultation today and let an attorney get started on your application.