New Denver Patent Office Spells Big Rewards for Law Firms

New Denver Patent Office Spells Big Rewards for Law Firms

The new patent office that opened in Denver, Colorado, has patent lawyers and big law firms in ear splitting grins. Suddenly, intellectual property rights are the new ‘it’ thing in this Colorado city and patent lawyers are hot property. The US patent office’s trust in Denver may be the stamp of approval the state needed, but the real winners will be the big law firms that are already gearing up for a new rush of work after Monday’s opening.

America's patent offices. There is only a few.

America’s patent offices. There is only a few.

IP Attorneys in High Demand

Colorado’s history of pioneering activities – ranching, oil, and gas boom (this has been put on hold) – has always made people look at it as a state with marvelous potential. Now with the IP boom, Colorado has something to smile about despite this ongoing recession. The community has transformed from being the epitome of the ‘wild west’ to becoming the hub for green-tech companies, telecom start ups, and the new IT child in the American economy. This is besides Austin of though (which has seem a rise in tech jobs as of late) and considering the taxes and regulations in California, even Colorado looks attractive.

Colorado has some problems though. Many people in the north want to defect because of oil shale. Colorado, in a few years, could be cut in half or a smaller Northern Colorado could become its own state and then see its land value increase just like the land values for property owners in Wyoming and the Dakotas have. Northern Colorado is loaded in oil shale but the liberals in Denver do not care about being energy self-sufficient and believe in fantasy world that alternative fuels are going to magically take America by storm.

What has taken American, or part of it, by storm is oil shale.

Colorado may have a new patent office but its economy is nothing to brag about and they are holding themselves back.

With some new companies heading to the Rocky Mountains, patent filing is expected to bring in some work for law firms based in the state. Patent attorneys and IP lawyers are already in high demand in the state and local law firms are trying hard to add the stellar names to their staff list.

But the race is not open to just about everyone. Patent attorneys and IP lawyers are highly qualified professionals, and only the ones with a technology background a high-profile degree will be chosen for the prestigious jobs. Law firms are finding it hard to add new names to their roster as qualified patent attorneys are in short supply in this Colorado state.

The human mind is incredible.

The human mind is incredible.

The need for talented IP lawyers has led law firms in the city on a hunt and many firms have resorted to hiring lawyers from their competition’s offices in order to fill their own ranks. The USPTO will also provide many advantages to IP lawyers and patent lawyers as they will have greater communication with patent officers and cut down on their travel costs to Alexandria.

The New Money Wave – IP Law

According to the estimates from the American Intellectual Property Law association, IP lawyers made a spectacular $292,361 on an average in the year 2012. In contrast, an average US attorney salary comes up to only $131,990 according to the research provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. With the USPTO opening in Denver, the money wave is sure to hit this sleepy Colorado town very soon and law firms are busy gearing up for it.

A New Market Rising

It also means that there will; be new interest generated in the field of IP law. Phil Weier, Dean of the prestigious Bolder Law School at the University of Colorado, said that the USPTO opening in Denver will only add to the IP rush and the community can see a renewed interest in careers in the IP sector. This will add to the momentum and the Bolder Law School aims to be at the forefront of this new interest. Many law firms today have a very significant IP practice with in-house attorneys having the ability to share several benefits.

Filing a patent with the US government is just the first step but a crucial one that requires a well-known and effective patent lawyer.  Intellectual property covers a wide range of legal issues, which demands the need for a lawyer that can potentially provide advice on potentially relevant areas.

An Attorney with Acumen

Those who create, market, and sell innovative products may find it prudent to engage a lawyer that focuses on patents and copyright. The US Patent Office website contains loads of information on different markets and other patent holders. No matter what, choosing a patent lawyer with sterling credentials is always worth the time, effort, and of course, money. Don’t hesitate to ask your lawyer a slate of questions about patents, the process, his experience, and more.