Do You Have an Original Invention? You Should Be Talking to a Top Patent Attorney Right Now

A lot of hard work and dedication goes into a new invention or innovative idea, so inventors and creative minds need to take steps to protect their work from being stolen or used without their permission. An inventor can choose to keep their invention secret, or they can apply for a patent or trademark, and if they choose the later, they need an expert’s help.

What is a Patent or Trademark?

A patent is a license issued to an inventor for the exclusive right to manufacture and sell the item they invented in exchange for making the item public. Patents are issued for a limited time and prohibits others from profiting off your invention.

A trademark is a word, phrase, symbol or combination of words and phrases licensed to one entity for exclusive use. A noticeable trademark in America and abroad is the Trump brand.

Trademarks, patents, and copyrights are different and protect intellectual property. If you are unclear about the patent, you should apply for, consult with a patent attorney in Nevada and learn what the application process entails.

Which Patent is Right for My Invention?

Provisional or Non-Provisional Patents

All types of patents fall into either the provisional or non-provisional categories:

A provisional patent is temporary, lasting a year or more, and issued to give an inventor more time to improve their invention and to work on their patent application.

Non-provisional patents are issued for the long-term up to 20 years. Getting a non-provisional patent is an arduous task, requiring you to produce data sets, studies and other relevant documents supporting their invention.

Below are some of the patents available under U.S. Code Title 35:

Defensive publication

Design patent

Plant patent

Utility patent

In most cases, it is obvious which patent is appropriate, but if you are in doubt, you need to consult with a patent attorney in Nevada. The experienced lawyers at will work closely with you and help you navigate the complexities of getting a patent or trademark.

Resources for Inventors in Nevada

Nevada Inventors Association (NIA) is a resource that connects Nevada inventors in with one another for the exchange of ideas. Their mailing address is:

Nevada Inventors Association

PO Box 7781

Reno, NV 89510

If you need to learn more about obtaining a patent or need to conduct a patent search, you can visit a Patent and Trademark Resource Center. In Nevada, it is located at:

University of Nevada-Reno

1664 N Virginia St, Reno, NV 89557

How Does the USPTO Decide?

Whether to issue you a patent is a decision left to a patent agent at the USPTO, and they consider each patent carefully. Patent agents conduct extensive research to be certain your invention, whether it is a household item, computer software, or other creation, is unique and has value.

U.S. patent and trademark laws are very complex, and the patent application process takes a long time to complete. What’s more, there is a very high rate of failure. urges you to contact a patent attorney in Nevada and set up a consultation before you decide what you do with your intellectual property. We have an excellent team of lawyers who will the patent application process easy.