You Should Hire a Patent Attorney In Montana

If you invented useful item, designed a new computer program or came up with the unique business idea, you may be wondering if you should apply for a patent. Maybe you are unsure what process entails, how much applying for a patent costs, and if you are likely to be successful.

Why do I Need a Patent or Trademark?

To protect your intellectual property is protected from patent or trademark infringement is to register your invention or idea with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). A patent or trademark is the best way to ensure no one can copy your work and make money off of your labor.

What is a Trademark?

A trademark protects words, music, names, symbols, sounds, colors or other goods and services that are not manufactured. You don’t have to get a trademark, but it will protect your work from trademark infringement. Trademarks are issued by the USPTO and last for years.

What is a Patent?

A patent is issued to for inventions and other unique items that have value. Basically, a patent is a license issued to an inventor giving them exclusive rights to manufacture and sell an item, but they must disclose their item to the public. When a patent is issued for an item, no one else can use that invention, recreate it or try to patent it.

Patents are temporary or long-term. A temporary patent is issued for one year to give an inventor time to refine their invention and get the data they need to complete the application process.

Provisional vs. Non-provisional patents

The USPTO issues two main types of patents which we will disuse below:

Provisional patents are valid one year and are much easier to obtain. A provisional patent will give you the inventor more time for research and development.

Non-provisional patents are valid for long periods, some up to twenty years, so they are much harder to obtain and requires the applicant to produce data sets, studies, and other documentation to support their invention.

Getting a patent isn’t an easy thing to do. It takes a lot of work from the beginning stages of the patent application process. When you hire one of our patent attorneys in Montana, they will help you with the following issues:

Patent search

Patent or trademark infringement

Selling and Marketing Patents

Non-Compete Agreements can introduce you to a patent lawyer near you in Montana to meet with and discuss your case. Our team will apply their extensive skills to your case and make sure your rights take precedent as you navigate our complex patent laws. Our legal team will take whatever steps are needed to ensure your case is a success. Whether you would like to apply for a patent, renew an existing patent or want to file a patent infringement suit, USAttorneys can help you locate an attorney near your location. Call and set up a consultation to learn if you should initiate the patent process.