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If you have novel idea or innovation you’d like to present to consumers, you need to get a patent, but getting a one is complicated. The average person may not be capable of deciphering U.S. patent and trademark laws and should get the guidance of an attorney.

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office receives over 600,000 patent applications each year, but only approves a fraction of those applications.

Patents issued by the USTPO in 2015:

Utility patents- 298,407

Design patents- 25,986

Plant patents- 25,986

How Can a Patent Attorney Benefit Me?

When it comes to legal matters, people often wonder if they need to hire an attorney. You may think you can figure out the applications and work your way through the process, but patent and trademark laws in the U.S. are complex, leading to a high rate of failure. There are multiple stages to patent and trademark process and an attorney who specializes in patent law

Patent Search

To be granted a patent, your invention or idea must be unique, and there cannot be any patents for the same or very similar item. You must do a search of the nearly 2.1 million patents in force each year. For most that would be a monumental task and could draw out the process. The ability to do a thorough patent search is one of the many services the patent lawyers at offers to their Minnesota clients.

Patent and Trademark Infringement

Sometimes inventors must defend their invention or idea from infringement you can file a civil suit to stop someone else from profiting off their idea or invention. You can also file a trademark infringement lawsuit in federal court. No matter what course of action you decide on, you should have legal counsel representing your interests.

Gather Data Sets and Documents

There is a great deal of documentation required when you are applying for a patent or trademark, so you must be thorough. It’s easy for someone who has never been through the patent process to miss something or make a mistake that could doom their application.

Before you turn in your patent application, let USattorneys connect you with a patent attorney in Minnesota. You can set up a consultation and see how they can benefit with your case. Our team of attorneys know the patent laws and are devoted litigators. They will defend your rights and strive to make your case a success.

Most correspondence with the U.S. Patent and Trade Office is done in writing and typically involves extensive documentation. Your correspondences should be sent to the following address:

Commissioner for Patents

P.O. Box 1450

Alexandria, VA 22313-1450 recommends you contact a patent lawyer near your Michigan location to discuss your patent and see what you need to do make your application a success. You need someone with expertise to work on your case. Call one of our outstanding legal team. You’ll increase your chances of success if you get legal representation and won’t have to repeat a process.