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If you have novel idea or innovation you’d like to present to consumers, you need to get a patent, but getting a one is complicated. You’ll have a better chance of being granted the patent you want when you have help from someone familiar with the process. No one is more familiar with the process or more versed in the requirements than a patent attorney.

Choosing the Right Patent

The success of your patent application depends on numerous factors including choosing the right patent, being able to back up your claims with data, and demonstrating the usefulness of your idea or invention.

Before you turn in your application, let USattorneys connect you with a patent attorney in Michigan to assist you with each step of the process and deal with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on your behalf.

Who Can Apply for a Patent in Michigan?

You can apply for a patent or trademark if you are a/an:






Which Patent is Appropriate for My Invention?

The United States Patent and Trademark Office is responsible for issuing patents and trademarks.
Applying for a patent is a rigorous process that can cost you thousands, so you need to get it right the first time. Below are primary patents available under U.S. Code Title 35:

Design patent

Defensive publication

Plant patent

Reissue patent

Utility patent

The above patents fall into two categories: provisional or non-provisional. The differences between a provisional or non-provisional patent are significant, so you need to get accurate information before making a rash decision about what type of patent you plan on seeking.

Provisional patents- Provisional patents are only valid for one year which means they are easier to obtain. This type of patent will give you the opportunity to do more research and development and fine-tune your invention or idea.

Non-provisional patents- Non-provisional patents are valid for long periods of time but to get one, the applicant must present an abundant body of evidence. You need to present data sets, studies, and other documentation.

Why Should I Hire a Patent Attorney in Michigan?

Getting a patent or trademark is extremely difficult and yet many think they can go through the process without a professional’s assistance. A patent attorney in Michigan can help you with all aspects of your patent or trademark application.  Our team in Detroit, Grand Rapids or another area of the state has the skills and experience necessary to ensure you get the patent you are seeking. Call and set up a consultation with a lawyer today and let them explain the many advantages of hiring an attorney to work on any patent or trademark issue. Let connect you with a patent lawyer today. You can set up a consultation and discuss the various aspects of your patent application or trademark issue. Don’t leave your future up to chance, enlist a lawyer right away and let them start working on your case.