Looking for a Top Patent Lawyer in Massachusetts?

An invention or idea could be worth a lot of money. If you have an invention that could take off, you need to take steps to protect your invention from infringement. Before seeking a patent, you need to understand that it is an extensive process that can take years to complete. What’s more, there is a high rate of failure for patent applications. You need an expert’s help if you want to be granted a patent and reap the benefits of your work.

Is Your Invention Eligible for Patent?

The process of applying for a patent is complicated, so you need to be certain your invention or idea meets the criteria outlined by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. To determine if you are eligible for a patent, you must meet the following criteria:

Your idea or invention cannot be publicly known.

It must serve a purpose.

It must be unique.

Agents at the USPTO will make decide whether your patent is approved and they will scrutinize your application carefully. You need to ensure everything is correct on your initial application and you provide all the documentation necessary. Missing information or documents can sink your application, and you have to start over.

Types of Patents

Below are a few of the types of patents issued by USPTO:

Design patent- Design patents are issued for new and original ornamental design excluding others from replicating or using the design for up to 15 years.

Plant patent- These patents are issued for a new and unique, asexually produced plant including hybrids, plants, mutants, and seedlings.

Utility patent- A utility patent is issued for a process, machine, material or an object that is useful and is an improvement. A utility patent prohibits anyone else from making or selling the patented invention for at least 20 years. According to the USPTO, 90 percent of the patents they issue each year issue are utility patents.

Hire a Patent Lawyer in Massachusetts

Patent law is complex and all stages of the application process. Before you can even apply for a patent, you must ensure that no other inventions like yours exist and subject to copyright protection. To the untrained that can be a monumental task, but it is one of the many tasks our team of patent attorneys excel at and offer as one of their many patent services.

Our team of patent lawyers can help you with the following patent-related issues:

Foreign and domestic patent searches.

Choosing the right patent

Gather data and scientific documentation

Let USAttorneys.com connect you with a patent lawyer in Massachusetts to meet with and discuss your idea or invention. Our team of attorneys will go the extra mile to make sure you get your patent. Call and set up a consultation with one of our legal team today. You can leave the hard work in their capable hands.