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Looking for a Top Patent Lawyer in Kentucky? You’ve Come to the Right Place

As an inventor or entrepreneur, you need to protect your inventions or intellectual property by applying for a patent. You may be wondering if you should get legal assistance with your patent application. You can submit your own patent application to the United States Patent and Trademark Office, but you’ll have a better chance of having your application approved with an expert in copyright and trademark expert working with you.

Why Should I Hire a Patent Lawyer in Kentucky?

Patent law is a multi-faceted area of law with various rules, regulations, and legal precedents that apply. For the average person, a patent application can be overwhelming, and there is a high probability of failure if you don’t have someone well-versed in U.S. patent laws working on your application or patent appeal.

You should hire a patent attorney in Kentucky because they can:

Decide if your item should be patented internationally

Prevent costly mistakes on patent or trademark applications

Research your USPTO archives to make sure your invention hasn’t already been patented

Navigate the complex patent, trademark and intellectual property laws

Select the correct patent application for your invention

Issue cease and desist orders for infringement

Types of Patents

Under U.S. Code Chapter 35- Patents, any individual who: “invents or discovers any new and useful process, machine, manufacture, or composition of matter, or any new and useful improvement thereof, may obtain a patent therefor, subject to the conditions and requirements of this title.”

Patent applications come in four types: design, provisional, plant, and utility. Choosing the right types is just one step in the long and complicated process getting a patent.

Provisional or Non-provisional?

There is a big difference between a provisional and non-provisional patent, so it’s smart to get the advice of an expert if you are want to patent something.

Provisional patents are easier to obtain than non-provisional patents, but they are only valid for one year. Such patent gives you time to develop and refine your invention or business idea. That year also gives you time to gather all the information, illustrations and data sets you need for your non-provisional patent application. A non-provisional patent application requires a great deal of preparation and documentation.

Other Reasons You Need a Patent Lawyer

Applying for a patent is not the only reason you need to hire a patent attorney. If you need to stop infringement, our team will start with the cease and desist letter but are also capable of assisting you with more complex matters such as a trial. can connect with a lawyer who can assist you with a patent appeal if your original application was denied or if an examiner decides your idea is not patentable.  Our team of patent attorneys can also assist you with patent licensing.

To submit a patent application in Kentucky, you can visit an office at one of the locations below

Frank Steely Library

Northern Kentucky University

1 Louie B Nunn Dr.,

Newport, KY 41076


Louisville Free Public Library- Patent

301 York St,

Louisville, KY 40203

Our team if patent lawyers in Kentucky can help you any copyright, infringement or patent issue you may have. You need someone with the right experience and dedication to make your case a success. Call and arrange a case evaluation with one of our patent and trademark law firms in Kentucky.