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Patent laws in the USA are vast and convoluted. While many inventors, innovators, and producers of original works and designs should get their creations patented, they are often put off or discouraged by the exhaustive process which is time consuming.

However, with the right legal support and expertise which can be acquired right here on, the process of applying for a provisional patent, acquiring a provisional patent, and then having it upgraded to a full on utility patent or design patent will seem like a breeze.

Get your legal help today! We have a judicious legal counselor for you. We know this arena and do not want anyone to benefit off of your work unless you are OK with that. No one should benefit from your risk taking and perseverance when they did nothing to warrant them being able to do so.

Legal patent professionals can also help you with the following:

  • Patents
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Copyrights
  • Websites
  • Trademarks
  • Trade Secrets


A US patent is issued by the US Patent and Trademark office. It is generally valid for a 20 years. However, one main question you need the answer to is whether or not you need a patent. This question can be answered most accurately by a patent attorney who will as one of the initial steps initiate the process of a patent search.

A patent search is used to determine whether or not the invention is patentable and whether a product or invention as what you have in mind is already in the market and/or a patent for such a product already exists. Once a patent search is complete, the answer to whether or not you should apply for a patent will become clearer.

Applying for a provisional patent

The next step in the process is to file for a provisional patent. A provisional patent can be thought of as a temporary patent while you file for and wait for a full time utility or design patent. A provisional patent, once issued is what will actually give your product or invention the label of “patent pending”.

The main idea behind a provisional patent is that you can go ahead and start working on your invention and get it out to the market.

You won’t have to maintain the secrecy around it while you wait for a utility patent. A provisional patent is effective in deterring others from copying or counterfeiting your product. It will prevent others filing a patent for the same product since you are already first in the queue.

We have a legal representative for you

The process of acquiring a patent involves multiple steps and can be very complicated indeed. It involves a lot of paperwork, following up, and diligent ground work/research. This can be overwhelming for anyone who has not been through the process before. So much so that they might just discard the idea of getting a patent altogether.

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