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Looking for an Experienced Patent Lawyer in Hawaii? You’ve Come to the Right Place

Inventors, innovators, and designers put a lot of effort into coming up with useful new products and inventions. However, the world that we live in today has cut throat business competition and people will stop at nothing to make profits because they have to pay for all the taxes and regulations that are bombarding them, even if it means to steal someone else’s ideas or inventions or original works.

This does not happen often but in the spirit of survival and narcissism, it does occur.

Therefore, it is imperative that you protect your innovations and use it in the way that you intend to use it. This is exactly what a US patent offers. When you get your invention or innovation patented, it basically makes it a crime for anyone to use your idea or invention without your due permission. You can sue them if they do.

A US patent is generally issued with a validity of twenty years. The US patent is issued by the United States Patent and Trademarks Office.

While a patent is a sagacious way to protect your innovation, it is not exactly a walk in the park to be able to file for and acquire a patent. The process is extensive, complicated, and can take a lot of time (sometimes even years). To embark on this journey alone is going to be overwhelming.

We strongly recommend that you appoint a patent lawyer to handle all aspects of your patent for you because it makes everything exponentially easier. You only need one. We have the legal help you need on this site.

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Some of the services that legal patent counselors provide include, but is not limited to the following:

Patent portfolio analysis – Sometimes, the whole invention or product itself may not be patentable. In such cases, a patent legal representative will be able to determine and advise you on which parts or which technology used in your product you should get patented in order to maximize the return on your patent investment.

Patentability searches – Patent searches are a way to go through the existing issued patent directories and files to determine that your invention is something which has not already been patented before and that it is therefore patentable.

Provisional patent applications – To get the ball rolling, a provisional patent application needs to be completed and filed. A provisional patent is basically what will give your invention the status of “patent pending” and is a way to secure your invention at the earliest while you file for the more permanent and robust utility patent.

PCT International patent applications – A US patent will only protect your invention within the US. If you would like for it to be protected globally then an international patent is the way to go and a patent attorney can certainly help with that too.

Patent maintenance – Being issued a patent is not the end of the story, there are a lot of post patent issues to manage and maintain.

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