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Need Help with a Patent in Georgia? We’ve Got You Covered

If you are looking to safeguard your inventions, designs or products, you will need to apply for a patent or trademark.

A patent is an official document issued by the United States Patent and Trademark office which grants the holder of the patent exclusive rights that make them the only one who can manufacture, use, sell, and import into the United States their invention. A US patent is issued with a validity of 20 years (utility patents).

If you need legal help in this domain you are in the right place. We have the legal pros that can help you defend your patent and establish it. Our attorneys on can also help you to determine if there is a patent out there for the idea that you have which can save you loads of time so you do not end up targeting an idea someone else has already thought of.

Frequently asked questions about US patents

Some of the most common questions are addressed here that patent legal counselors hear all the time.

  • Why do I need a patent?

If you happen to be an inventor, an innovator, or a creator original works (be it art, music, etc) then the only way you can protect your invention or creation from being ripped off and used by someone else for their own personal gain and profit is by getting your invention patented.

When you have your invention protected by a patent, anyone that uses your invention without your due permission would have essentially committed a crime and you can sue them for the same and receive compensation.

A lot of inventors who sell their products without a patent fall victim to those who reverse engineer their product find out how it works, manufacture it, and sell the same product themselves.

  • What is a patent search?

There are hundreds of thousands of patents out there and many a times, an idea or invention that you think is original and the first of its kind is something that has already been done by someone else. A patent search will allow you to determine if your invention or work is actually a new invention and whether it qualifies for a patent.

A patent search is paramount and a useful process which must be completed prior to jumping into actually filing for the patent itself by submitting an application.

  • What is a provisional patent?

A provisional patent, as the name suggests, is a temporary patent which essentially gives your invention the status of “patent pending”. The provisional patent basically means that you have filed your patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office and that any filings made for the same product, invention after this date will not be eligible for a patent.

  • What is a design patent?

There are three different broad classifications of patents, namely, a utility patent, design patent, and plant patent.

While utility patents serve to protect inventions, and plant patents serve to protect asexually produced plant strains, design patents are meant to protect visual characteristics embodied in or applied to an article. Therefore, for example, an artwork would be protected by a design patent.

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