Got an Idea? Protect it with the Help of an Experienced Colorado Patent Attorney

Patents and trademarks are a major protection for inventors, designers, and entrepreneurs. A patent is a license issued by the government which protects your idea. A patent stops your idea from being duplicated and even being sold for profit.

Patenting is pivotal if your design could help people all over the world. It gives you the sole ownership of your invention and this is binding in most countries.

No one will be able to use, sell, distribute, or copy your product without your permission if you have been granted a patent. This is where a prolific and remarkable patent attorney comes into play and obtaining a patent is no easy task. What you need is a legal professional to help you understand the types of patents and the procedures to help protect your creation or design.

Provincial patent

The provincial patent is a simple patent that you can apply for at the United States Patent and Trademark Office. You can apply for this type of patent without having to apply formally and at a lesser cost. Although this is a cheap and easy method to procure a patent, the provincial patent also has some disadvantages.

You must realize that this patent cannot mature into a granted patent if you do not apply for the non-provincial patent. In addition, it is important to understand that the provincial patent only has a 12 month life span from the date of filing the application.

Non-provisional patent

A non-provisional patent can also be filed at the United States Patent and Trademark Office. This is a better patent that grants you the exclusive rights within the United States. This is a taxing process and you must have a solid lawyer by your side to help you in every detail. Here are some of the important aspects of a non-provisional patents:

  • You ought to be fully prepared with all the details, drawings, and claims to present to the patent office.
  • The patent specifications and entitlements are the most vital part of this procedure and have to be methodically organized. If not suitably filed your patent might even get rejected.
  • The inspectors will then examine your application and provide any changes they deem necessary. You will have to present valid arguments for the changes.
  • This type of patent is also effective for 20 years after the application has been filed.
  • One more poignant factor is that this patent is valid only within the boundaries of the US. There is a different process to procure an international patent.

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