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Before starting with lawyers or cases, let us first discuss what a patent actually is. Derived from the Latin word patere, which means to lay open, patents give you the sole right to anything which you do not want to be copied. There are many types of such patents in the form of land patents, printing patents, design patents, and more.

The practice of granting patents is diverse in various parts of the world. The United States Patent and Trademark Office generally award patents for security of inventions and against infringement of copyrights.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office also inspect, grants patents, record the patent information, and publish the patents. Normally the term of new patents is for 20 years from the date the application was filed or in some rare cases from the date when a former related application was filed. Another important thing you have to keep in mind is that US patent grants are applicable only within the boundaries of the United States. Although in some special circumstances adjustments of the patents can be made.

There are many patent laws that you have to go through and keep in mind before going through the actual process.

If you need legal help on this front USAttorneys.com is the answer for you. We have the legal counselors that can help you get through this labyrinth known as the patent process. No one should be profiting off of your ideas and no one should be able to take your idea/s and say that idea/s came from their hard work and mind.

Different types of patents

There are normally three types of patents you can apply for:

  • Utility patents – This may be granted if you devise or discover new and valuable machines, software, processes, and so on. If you have made anything in these categories then this type of patent is for you.
  • Design patents – This patent is allowed if you have designed an original and fresh ornamental design.
  • Plant patent – This type of patent can be granted if you have invented a new variety of plants and reproduce new ones asexually.

How to patent?

Patenting can be tedious if you do not have any idea what it is you want to do. Thankfully, for you, this website will help you in every step and our service is free.

First you need to make sure your idea is unique and no one has any kind of patent on your idea. For that you need to conduct a patent search and find out more about your invention or design. If no one has any other such patents, you may continue on to the next step of the process. The second step of the patent process is to file an application for your patent.

If you are a California based inventor or entrepreneur, then USAttorneys.com is where you will find the right patent lawyer who will guide you safely all the way. After your patent has been filed, you will receive a notification from the patent officer, whether your application has been accepted or rejected. You might have to prepare for valid argument/s if your patent gets overruled. So, do not panic, our legal experts are there to guide you and overcome any difficulty. You do have to call one of them up though which we will mention soon enough, right below.

The patent procedure can be a difficult and tedious one if not organized properly. If you want any of your ideas and inventions to be patented, the first step is to get connected with the right California patent lawyer. We at USAttorneys.com have a list of the most competent, stellar, and righteous legal professionals.

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We are in this fight together. Let’s win it! America and the world actually depend on it. The patent process and your idea/s need to be protected.