Got an Invention? A Patent Lawyer Can Protect It

I have an invention―now what? To begin with, congratulations! If you have an invention then it is important not to disclose it or sell it to someone else unless you yourself have come to a decision as to what you want to do with the invention―how are you going to take it forward?

When it comes to US based patents, there are several deadlines which you will have to abide by strictly if you want to be able to obtain patent protection. Some of these deadlines may even be triggered by your own actions.

To understand what these deadlines are, how you can make sure you do not violate any of them and to seek and successfully be provided patent protection for your invention, we highly recommend that you contact a prolific and astute legal patent professional, which is easy to find on our site.

  • There are several questions you will need to ask yourself and address when it comes to your new invention. Are you planning to use the invention for business/profit?
  • Do you want to sell the invention? Etc.
  • The next step would be to document a detailed description of your invention and what problem it solves or what purpose it serves.
  • What makes your invention unique and different from similar products already in the market (if any) etc. Would it be possible for someone else to copy your invention and essentially rip off your idea?

This will all come in handy when filing for the patent because the amount of information you will have to provide is extensive to say the least. This is where a legal counselor should enter your life. You are in the right place. You have taken some initiative with, it is time to take a little more. Legal help is right around the virtual corner.

Call up a fantastic lawyer who can help set you down the right path and give you the necessary legal guidance in the future too.

Do I need a prototype before applying for a patent?

As of date, a prototype or a working example of your invention, or idea is not required for you to be able to initiate the patent process. Only the thought or the idea and all of the details will suffice. However, as we have mentioned, for a utility patent, instead of a prototype you will need a very detailed written explanation of the invention.

This will include how you make and use this invention. In case of a design patent, you will require to have drawings or sketches of your design or art. These are also known as formal patent drawings.

Will a provisional patent application give me patent protection?

A provisional patent application, as the name suggests, is just the application itself. It means that you are now in the process of being considered for a patent. It will not provide your any protection per se. However, it can be used as a deterrent to competitors when you use the stamp “patent pending” because it will mean that you are first in line.

Let’s get this right the first time!

These questions just scratch the surface when it comes to patent laws and intricacies in the US. You will be best served by a remarkable Arkansas patent lawyer. You don’t need to look far to contact the best legal pros in patents. Simply use the interactive map on our site to gain access to a list of top attorneys who you can call right away without the slightest hesitation.

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