Need Help with a Patent in Arizona? We’ve Got You Covered

The founding fathers of the US constitution took much into consideration to ensure that inventors and artists must be protected in the sense that their work should not be ripped off or replicated without their permission especially for the purpose of profit by someone else.

Thanks to the constitution, Congress now has the power to enact laws that will effectively protect patent holders and their inventions or work.

Essentially, when a patent is granted by the American government, the patent holder or the patentee, is now courtesy of the patent, provisioned with the legal right to prevent other people from illegally using their invention, idea, or art. Using could refer to making or producing the product, importing it, or even using it. The patent holder will of course enjoy this right only until the patent is valid.

When it comes to utility patents, as of date, they are issued for a term of 20 years from the effective filing date of the patent application itself.

If you need legal help in this domain, is here for you. We know this arena and we have the legal pros to help you fight this injustice. You have a legal avenue to take so let’s take it!

What services our legal counselors can provide you

  • Patent search: Often, an inventor or artist applying for or contemplating applying for a patent will be wondering if what they have invented is something which can even be patented. We can help you determine this conclusively, we will look into all of the details and help you identify whether your invention is available under the scope of protection.
  • Provisional applications: This is what gets the ball rolling. We will walk you through every step and file the provisional patent on your behalf. Once filed, your invention will now be classified as patent pending.
  • Utility patent applications: To go from patent pending to being patented, this is the application which will need to be filed and accepted.
  • Design patent applications: Design patents are for ornamental features or functional items exclusively.
  • Patent application prosecution: Our legal pros will follow up and have the patent processed via the patent office.
  • Patent Cooperation Treaty: Patents issued by the US government will provide the patentee protection within the United States of America only. If you are eligible for an international patent and if you will benefit from it, then we will be sure to let you know and assist you in acquiring an international patent.
  • Patent Management: We will help with comprehensive patent management
  • Patent assignments: Need to have the patent ownership reassigned from one person to another, no problem!
  • Freedom to operate opinions: This is a service where if you have a product or idea, then we will ensure that it is not actually infringing any existing patents.
  • Non-disclosure agreements: To protect the secrecy of your invention prior to the patent coming through.

Time is not necessarily on your side

To learn more about how you can protect your products and inventions all you need is a salient and committed Arizona patent lawyer by your side. You can find one right here at in an instant (well, in about a minute but you will know it is the right one the first time around!). All you need is to use the interactive map (above on this page) or local lawyers’ directory search on our site which is on our home page.

If you want us to call back, if you have any issues or questions about this system, we can do that if you fill out a few details in the free confidential evaluation form. Our agents are always available via the live chat form as well, just send us your information so we can call you back perhaps even that same day. Let’s get on this today so that we can help you with all your patent related requirements.

We know this arena! We know how to win these types of cases. If someone has done you wrong or continues to do so, let’s just see about that!