Another Patent Lawsuit Against Apple Inc.

Patent infringement lawsuits seem to follow Apple Inc. wherever they go. After epic patent battles with Samsung Electronics, the company is now embroiled in dozens of smaller patent battles with companies across the globe. The latest in line is patent holding company Cedatech Holdings.

Cedatech Holdings

Cedatech Holdings is a patent holding company that is a non-practicing entity. The company has a notorious reputation for being patent trolls. This latest lawsuit was filed against Apple Inc. last week. Patent lawyers for Cedatech Holdings have filed a lawsuit against Apple alleging that the company has infringed one of the patents that Cedatech Holdings owns in its creation of Apple iPhone 5’s speech recognition technology.

The company patent lawyers have filed the case at the Federal Court in the Eastern District in Texas. Most of the patent lawyers in the business know that the Eastern District in Texas is a court that is very friendly to patent infringement lawsuits and patent trolls. In their lawsuit, Cedatech patent lawyers talk about patent no. 7,707,591 which is a patent on ‘Integration of Audio or Video program with Application’. By including speech recognition technology in the Apple iPhone 5, Cedatech accuses Apple Inc. of having infringed on the patent that is current held by the company. Other than the usual cease and desist, the lawsuit is also asking for tons of money from Apple Inc.

Bad Form

The fact that the lawsuit filed by Cedatech is in bad form is made obvious by the wording chosen in the filing. Out of nowhere, the document talks about HTC’s infringements while suing Apple Inc. This is a clear oversight by the patent lawyers of Cedatech and it definitely something that Apple Inc.’s competent patent lawyers will use to prove that Cedatech Holdings is nothing more than a devious patent troll.

The truth is that Cedatech has simultaneously launched similar patent infringement cases against other corporate biggies like HTC and Dell. The error seems to have been copy-pasted onto Apple Inc. lawsuit documents! The boilerplate paperwork has not been changed from one company to another.

Gavel and law books

Patent 591

As far as the patent itself goes, patent 591was actually granted to another company Talkway Inc. in 2010. Since then, Cedatech Holdings has managed to buy the patent off of Talkway. Being a non-practicing entity, Cedatech does not actually do anything constructive with all the patents that it holds. Instead of using the patents to make products and deliver services to the market, Cedatech simply hoards them and uses their portfolio of patents to claim licensing during litigation in patent infringement lawsuits. This appears to be their primary way of making any money at all.

In other words, Cedatech is controlled by a bunch of irresponsible people who are almost as detrimental to America as Nancy Pelosi.

Patent lawyers who have been a part of the industry over the last decade understand that Cedatech is actually a perfect definition of what a patent troll is. Apple Inc.’s patent lawyers have not yet released a statement with regards to this new patent infringement lawsuit. Chances are low that this lawsuit will ever reach the stage of a trial. It might be in Apple Inc.’s best interests to ensure that the case doesn’t reach trial because it is likely that the court will favor the patent troll, if past experience is something to judge by.

Cedatech might be only too happy to take a shortcut way out and settle the case outside the courtroom. However, that decision lies with the patent lawyers working for both the companies and depends on how they initiate proceedings.

Cedatech Holdings is a Sad Case

Similarly, the other two companies HTC and Dell have also not released any kind of statement through their patent lawyers. Neither HTC nor Dell are newbies in the field and their patent lawyers have dealt with more than their fair share of patent trolls over the years. Cedatech Holdings might have bitten off more than they can chew by challenging not just one but three of the biggest companies in the industry.